Codeworks for Android Supporting latest SDK version (29 and up)

Mind enlightening the rest of us about the prospects of an open source release?

@dan_collier and @TomK , can you provide us with an update on the future of the Android toolchain?

If there are any plans which would lead to a working version, I would wait and love to use it. I am sure many others would too. But if not, people will move on to alternatives and once setup might not revert again.
Thank you.

^ Question for @TomK

Hi @Xood,

Unfortunately, I am in no position to comment on this at the moment. The Codeworks team is working on a public statement, but I have no ETA for when this will be released.


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@TomK any chance of getting the source code for CodeWorks. Iā€™d love to continue working with it and would gladly update it myself.


Sorry, I do not have access to source code.