CodeWorks installation wizard is not starting

Hi all,
From the screenshot, I think you guys probably are experiencing a issue that the .exe can not decompress the files on your computer. I manually decompressed the latest 1R7 codeworks for windows, and put the files into a google drive. You can access by the link below.

Simply download the zip file, unzip, and run the Launcher.
Please let me know if this works for you.
Please be aware this is not the official way for downloading and running codeworks. The official way is to download the .exe file from the Nvidia official website.

Dude you’re a legend! That worked right away so yeah some issue with the .exe decompressing.

It’ll work this way same as the usual install though right?


It should be.

thanks dude i read all post and also work for me thanks a lot.

A year later but still relevant, thank you for the assist!

Thanx! Still working