Coil whine-like noise when using the DC jacket

Hi, I have a Jetson Nanano Dev Kit (A02) and it has been running fine for several months. Yesterday I was using it when there was a power outage, and after that I started to hear a high pitched noise whenever it on.

That don’t happen when I power up the device using an USB cable. Any one has any idea of what could have happened? Is it dangerous to keep using the device in this condition?

The noise might be from the load switch (U58) of DC jack line since no noise when supply with USB cable. Not sure if the noise means what kind of danger, but better to measure the system input current and thermal situation of U58 to confirm if any abnormal thing.

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Thermals seems fine from what I could check. But I don’t have any means to measure current right now. Do you think it should be possible to replace the component, as the noise really seem to be coming from it.

You can run RMA for the board to replace it.

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Is that an option? I have this board for more than one year, do you know if I can RMA it in Brazil (I bought it on Seeed studio) ?

Not sure if it is out of support, you can check with local vendor. For RMA process please refer to this site:

I have the same problem (though I’ve had it from the start without any power outage).

It turned out that the noise does not come from the Jetson Nano, but from the power supply (sometimes hard to locate high-pitch noise). I’m using one of these from Waveshare