Coil whine on TX1?


I just noticed a curious case of coil whine on my TX1

I was screwing around with the GPU clocks and then rebooted it, and then ran some of the CUDA7 samples. As I was running them, I noticed a sound from the TX1 especially when viewing the smoke in the particle example. I thought it could’ve been the fan, but it wasn’t moving or stuck in any way. I moved the camera in the sample around and found the noise to only occur when viewing graphically intense views.

The overclocks didn’t stick at all (I stupidly forgot to apply them at bootup, I rebooted after doing the clocks), so it couldn’t have been that.

Does anyone else notice coil whine on their TX1? This is the first time I’ve noticed it on this board.

The only noise like that I’ve heard is when using an external SATA drive causes some noise in the audio output to the monitor. Do you have a SATA drive attached? Or is it possible the noise is from a speaker and not a coil on the Jetson?

I don’t have a sata drive or anything like that attached, except a 64 gb sd card in its slot. Is there a speaker on board?

Again, I only hear it during graphically intense things

No speaker onboard (HDMI has audio though, this would be a candidate if the monitor is near where you hear the sound). I would tend to think that any sound like what you describe, when not from sound devices or the fan, would be something from the power regulation. I have not heard of this happening for any other board though.

Hi GinDiamond,

Is the noise coming from the module itself or the carrier board ?
For me it could be nothing but a noise from a coil used at the output of a buck.
Some bucks adjust their frequencies depending on the mode (burst for light loads and pulse-skipping then) and the load. As a result the ouput filter can produce some harmonics that are in the audible bandwith.

In some projects I used the LT8612 from Linear Technology and the datasheet warns about it (page 14) :