Collaboration on European Commission-funded R&D

Does NVIDIA collaborate with European Commission funded R&D activities? We are leading a project in the Horizon program ( a €100 billion grant program). Our focus is on developing decentralised networks that integrate CCAM vehicles, smartphones, and 5G equipment. We aim to establish a decentralised AI orchestration system capable of operating efficiently at both micro-local and cloud levels.

The dynamic movement of devices introduces significant challenges in maintaining network stability and efficiency, security and privacy, and standards and protocols. Given these complexities, do you have any AI or other solutions or services that could support us?

We are a small company, but our work may interest NVIDIA as we are leading this initiative with R&D partners, including large transport operators, major automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, and Fiat, and mobile phone operators like Telefonica and Turkcell. We also collaborate with several smart cities, including San Francisco, Tokyo, Geneva, Vienna, Lisbon, Brussels, and Istanbul.

Our first application will focus on business continuity for critical infrastructures and disaster response following cyber/physical attacks, and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and fires.