"collect assets" makes a cc character with broken hair material

I get this “black” hair material on my new scene that I created with “collect assets” command.

Here are log files to you:
omni.processlifetime.log (141.9 KB)
omni.telemetry.transmitter.log (106 Bytes)
launcher.log (661.3 KB)
omni.kit.log (88.1 KB)
omni.kit.logging.log (3.3 MB)

With Create, to “collect assets” command resulted the same error, even when saved in localhost folder.

So this error is also in Crete, and the process jumps at 85% to end in a blink of an eye, with this error message popping in:

just using the “collect assets” command for the plain female cc character USD (exported from CC) results in the same error. I have to export the character again from CC to this same collected folder.

Hello @pekka.varis! I created a developer ticket to help fix this issue. (Internal Ticket OM-40773). Thank you for letting us know about this issue.

Thank you Wendy!

I am pretty sure you cannot reproduce this issue, so I wait for someone to write me a PM and I can then send the “collected assets” scene as a zip.