Colliders dissapear after running simulation. (create)

Using a simple plane with a dropping object, while practicing blast. After running simulation, the collider dissapears from the breakable object, and has to be re-applied.
Sometimes it only dissapears after one run, sometimes after a couple/few.
Using Create 2022.1.3-rc.10

Hi @look0ut42, I’m on the Blast team and can take a look at that for you. Could you post your scene file here so I can take a look at it? When you say that the collider disappears from the breakable object, what exactly do you mean? From the chunk(s) that it starts with when you drop it? The actor and chunks under the instance are rebuilt when you stop sim as part of resetting the scene to it’s pre-sim state. But you should end up with the same rigid body and collider setup that you started with when you loaded the file.

Hello @look0ut42! You can send your scene file here if you wish to keep it confidential:

Might want to verify Edit>Preferences>Physics>Reset Simulation on Stop is checked.