Collision between two Triangle meshs collider or two convext hall colliders not detected

@hclever thank you for your input. The issue for us really is that replicator cannot get the robot’s real time position and thus cannot avoid collision with it when using rep.randomizer.scatter_2d.

that is why this thread was created:

That is why, with Lior’s help, we have shiftted from replicator to USD randomization.
ever since then, we are trying to understant how to detect collisions between a trigger collider and X other trigger colliders (as apperantly that functionality does not exist in omniverse?). Any insight on this would be great as we will still need this basic ability.

It does seem that your code should work with avoiding collision with the robot given the robot’s prim path?
how can i get a replication item instance of the robot in my stage?

Thank you again