Color correction matrix isn't always work

I’m using JP 4.5.1.
I added properties into nvarguscamerasrc gstreamer plugin to set user color correction matrix. Following another post Color Control Matrix and Tone Curves in camera_override.isp - #3 by ShaneCCC and libargus API, I added a boolean property for color correction matrix and a float array property for color correction matrix.
In my pipeline, when I set the color matrix array and enable before element’s state changes to RUNNING, it works, the video shows color effect.
But after element’s state changed to RUNNING, the color correction doesn’t take effect after I set the new matrix. I have checked by read back the color correction enable and matrix vector is set correctly.

Is there any issue or special usage of color correction matrix?
Thank you.

PS: I don’t have any problem with setting exposure time, gain or isp gain on the fly.

Just more simplify question, do the color correction matrix and tone curve affect on the fly?
I can change the value (color correction enable/disable, color correction matrix, …) but it doesn’t affect to output video on the fly.

Suppose don’t support on fly.

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