Combine CSI4 and CSI6 for 4x lane camera


We are developing a system with 3 ALVIUM 1800 cameras (4x lanes). For developing we have built a custom PCB that we attach to the camera expansion connector on the Xavier AGX Devkit.

On the custom PCB we connect camera 1 to CSI0/CSI1, camera 2 to CSI2/CSI3 and camera 3 to CSI4/CSI6.

Camera 1 and camera 2 works great but we cant get camera 3 to work.

I2C on camera 3 works but when we capture video it timeouts.

Is it possible to combine CSI4 and CSI6 for use for one camera?



Camera 3 should be CSI4 and CSI5. All supported lane mapping are included in Xavier OEM DG in DLC, please follow that strictly.

Ok, thanks!