Combustible mass of the Xavier AGX module

In order to pass fire compliance for a rail deployment we need a firm figure for the mass of combustible material contained in the Xavier AGX module.

Obviously most of the mass will be related to non-combustible things like the heat sink etc

It would be great if could get this information without having to rip a module to bits in the process!


Hi, what we can provide are all included in below docs in DLC, please check that. If no such info in the docs, then it means the info can’t be released by now.

Jetson AGX Xavier Regulatory and Compliance Documents
Jetson AGX Xavier Series Module Data Sheet

Is the PCB in the module FR4 rated? Fairly sure it must be but no mention of that in the datasheet or compliance docs which is a pain …

We also use the carrier board from the development kit in our current prototype so also need to know whether or not that PCB is FR4 rated?

It is FR4 as usually.

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