command-line profiler not working

Hi all,

After installing Linux Mint 18 and installing the toolkit 7.5 from the Mint distribution, the command-line debugger stop working. The cuda_profile_0.log is not created.

Have anyone experience this problem.

Before installing Linux Mint 18, I was using Linux Mint 17.3 and the toolkit 7.5 without problems.


Is Linux Mint 18 on the list of supported distros for CUDA 7.5? If not, it is not very surprising that an unsupported distro may experience issues with CUDA. If you want things to work smoothly, I would strongly suggest staying strictly with those Linux/lernel/toolchain versions that are on the list of supported configurations.

If anything does not work properly on a supported platform, you would want to file a bug report with NVIDIA (form is linked from the registered CUDA developer website).

You might want to check whether CUDA 8.0 RC has support for Linux Mint 18, and if so, give that a try. Note that RC means release candidate, this is not the final release.