Command to power/shutdown esp32 huzzah from NX devkit GPIO

The two primary ways for powering a feather are a 3.7/4.2V LiPo battery plugged into the JST port or a USB power cable. If you need other ways to power the Feather, here's what we recommend: For permanent installations, a 5V 1A USB wall adapter will let you plug in a USB cable for reliable power.

Which pins could be used with combination with which command to power/ poweroff the feather board from NX devkit?

hello _av,

did you mean using [J12] 40-pin expansion header to power-on/off the Xavier NX?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes. My colleague wants to use ON/OFF trigger
so that from NX devkit command line they could power ON or power OFF connected to NX Devkit GPIO esp32 device.
So the unit that will be powered on or off from nx devkit terminal will be esp32
NX will act to trigger OFF or ON power, as esp will be connected to NX devkit GPIO that will act as power source for esp32.
like High/ Low states will be triggered for some of pins from 40 pin header? so that in high state it will power the esp32 / in low state it will shutdown esp32?
For example it will reqire to trigger ON/OFF for J12 pins [1] 3V or [2] 5V
What would be a command for that?

How with jetson-io
can ON/OFF state be triggered on 3.3/5v gpio J12 header pins?