Commands execution in multiple sub-passes of a RenderPass

Hi all,

I render Chapter 7. in vulkan spec 1.1.130.

The spec said

Execution of subpasses may overlap or execute out of order with regards to other subpasses, unless
otherwise enforced by an execution dependency. Each subpass only respects submission order for
commands recorded in the same subpass, and the vkCmdBeginRenderPass and
vkCmdEndRenderPass commands that delimit the render pass - commands within other subpasses
are not included. This affects most other implicit ordering guarantees.

I have a question about this.

If I write a VkSubpassDependency for sub-pass 1(SP1) and sub-pass 2(SP2) as follow:
srcStage is BOTTOM
dstStage is TOP
All commands in SP2 will be executed when all commands in SP1 are executed in stage BOTTOM?