Commercial CUDA applications for single GPU systems?

Hi everybody,

I’m sorry to ask this relatively naive question, but I am curious about what kinds of commercial applications use CUDA. Specifically, are there applications that your average-Joe user that isn’t in the scientific computing field can go out and purchase that supports using the GPU for calculations? I understand there are Photoshop and MATLAB plugins, and I suppose those count, but they have been released by NVIDIA, and I’m looking for more information about commercial developers that have implemented CUDA into their applications.



This was probably one of the first consumer apps to appear:

Chris, the CUDA-based MATLAB software comes from us at AccelerEyes, not NVIDIA. So maybe that is an example you’re looking for, i.e. we are commercial developers who’ve integrated CUDA into our platform. For more average-consumery apps, look at Cooliris or Elemental Technologies.