Commerical use of Audio2Face

Hi guys, I’ve read the nvidia omniverse documentation but I’m having problems to understand can I use audio2face facial mocap data in my game for free for commercial purposes?

Maybe I need to credit Nvidia or maybe I need to buy Omniverse Enterprise subscription that costs huge money? Or I can use free audio2face for commercial purposes only crediting Nvidia, and if hopefully this is the right answer what I need to write to credit Nvidia?

It is really hard to understand, can anybody help me with this? Thanks to anybody that wasted time reading this.

Hello @zanarevshatyan! Our License Agreements changed a bit when we released Omniverse Cloud, so I can understand the confusion. Hopefully I can clarify:

Under section 2.3 License Types:

Omniverse Products obtained by individuals from the Omniverse Website under this license may be used commercially, provided however that (a) an authorized user can only use Nucleus, Connectors, Apps and Kits with one other individual in your entity or its affiliates to create Project Content without purchasing Subscription Licenses and (b) use of Batch by an individual is limited to two GPUs. For clarity, an entity and its affiliates may have multiple groups of up to two individuals creating Project Content without purchasing Subscription Licenses. Omniverse Enterprise Subscription Licenses are required for an authorized user to use Nucleus, Connectors, Apps and Kits with three or more individuals in your entity or affiliates to create Project Content. The License Portal contains Omniverse Products available under Subscription Licenses.

What this means is, under the individual (free) license, you can use any Omniverse products commercially if your usage falls within these guidelines:

  • the project you worked on was done by 2 individuals (yourself and/or someone else).
  • If you used Omniverse Products to create content, for example animations, renders, baked keyframes… etc

If, however, you are using Omnivese to stream something in real-time, for example, using A2F to stream a live avatar through our ACE service, then you would need a license to distribute commercially.

I hope this helps! Also, any NVIDIA created assets are free for you to use commercially!

Thank you so much for an answer, as I’ve understood I can use audio2face animation in my commercial purposes game with crediting Nvidia? If I got that right, maybe you can write how I need to credit? What I need to write in my credit section? Thank you so much.

Hello @zanarevshatyan! You do not need to credit us, but we WOULD LOVE to see the work you did and possibly help you promote it. Be sure to share it with us!

I would love to share with you some sneak peaks of my game development of a point & click game (by the way, how can I share it here?) which scenario is based on my not published book in genre of mystical thriller with elements of horror, I’ve already wrote the technical game scenario for the first episode with 36 pages, and it is so pity I can’t open audio2face’s full-face version having an error with building TensorRT, but I’ve successfully opened “no eyes” version, unfortunately it is not enough for my game which is based on face mimics, it is almost an interactive movie with a lot of cut scenes. I’ve wrote about the error, but nobody answered me :( My opinion is that I’ve running out of gpu memory, maybe there is some workaround

Maybe guys from development team can have a look on my topic below when they have some free time?

Thank you.

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Hi WendyGram.

Regarding your comments, is ACE service already available for testing?


Seems your issues are resolved. Pls keep us posted, we would love to know more great use cases.

It will be not far from now. We are about to enter into limited early access this month.

After bit more testing it will be available publicly. Stay tuned for release dates.

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