Communication between different Jetson Nanos connected to each other


I’m new to the Jetson Nano Platform and I’m working on a Robotics solution involving image processing. The solution involves various Jetson Nano’s (5 Jetson Nano’s to be precise) to communicate with each other. Can anyone please help me as to which communication protocol would be the best in such case?

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Hello @rsranjane1997

I don’t know your scenario but you can use ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 etc. It depends on your situations about which one is the best. It up to you.

If you will give some details about your setup, you can get better answers.


Hello @mehmetdeniz ,

Thanks a lot for your reply, the setup consists of multiple Jetson Nano’s connected to each other and each Nano acts as a single entity. The output from One Jetson Nano is to be consumed by another Nano for its application, by far the system consists of 2 Master and 3 slaves.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

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You might need to mention data rate requirements and (especially) timing requirements. What @mehmetdeniz mentions is the simplest way to go if data rates are not critical, but if rate requirements go up, then using wired ethernet is actually not that much more difficult.

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