Communication between Jetson and tablet

Can I communicate with other devices from Jetson to Java scripts? Like running Python files. Like running a Java Eclipse file in Windows.

Not sure what networking is supported by default in Android (I assume this is what it is, though I suppose it could be something like an iPad…a Windows tablet would probably have all of the same abilities as Android, but I’ve never worked on a Windows tablet).

In the past I have used ssh with an older Android tablet. Ssh has some nice options, e.g., you can create a tunnel, or send a one time command directly to the Jetson. Installing public/private key pairs in such a case is extremely convenient. You could also run oridnary TCP/IP, but I’ve never developed this an Android. It wouldn’t matter if networking were wired or WiFi, the programming would be the same if the WiFi or ethernet were already set up.