Communication Error while SSHing: "Uploading file to the device failed."

Hello! I am trying to connect from a Mac host to a (Arch) Linux target. Connecting gets up to displaying “Uninstalling the daemon executable”, but then reports an error. Details are at the bottom of this post.

How should I proceed in debugging this problem?

Thanks so much!

  • Josh
AnalysisLibraryError (4000) {
    OriginalExceptionClass: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implIN13QuadDAnalysis18SshUploadFileErrorEEE
    OriginalFile: /Users/devtools/buildAgent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Host/Analysis/SshDevice.cpp
    OriginalLine: 1773
    OriginalFunction: void QuadDAnalysis::SshDevice::InstallSpecialFile(const std::string &, const std::string &, bool, bool)
    Filename: /tmp/00f64c41-e518-43db-b78c-edb27c211b4b
    ErrorText: Uploading file to the device failed.
    SshChannelOpenError (4251) {
        OriginalExceptionClass: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implIN14QuadDSshClient19SshChannelOpenErrorEEE
        OriginalFile: /Users/devtools/buildAgent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Common/SshClient/SshSessionHandle.cpp
        OriginalLine: 317
        OriginalFunction: QuadDSshClient::LibSsh2ErrorType QuadDSshClient::SshSessionHandle::OpenScpSendChannel(QuadDSshClient::SshChannelHandlePtr &, const std::string &, int, size_t)
        ApiFunction: libssh2_scp_send
        ErrorText: Unknown error while getting error string
        OriginalErrorCode: -28

Which version of the tool are you using?

About page says: Version: 2019.3.1.94-3891ef3 OSX.

(I just downloaded it, fwiw.)

Okay, this is a new one. I have sent it along to the engineer working on ssh issues. You might not hear back from him until Monday.

Hello Josh, thanks for reporting the issue. I can reproduce it when /tmp is not writeable.

  • Can you please verify that the user you use to connect to the remote system has permissions to create files in /tmp?
  • What are the permissions of /tmp (try running "ls -ld /tmp")?

Hi Andrey! Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry for the delay.

When I’m logged in as the user, I can run “touch /tmp/test” without any trouble, so I don’t think that’s the problem. “ls -ld /tmp” returns “drwxrwxrwt 9 root root 560 May 30 14:41 /tmp”.

Hi Josh,

We were able to reproduce the problem. Since Arch Linux is not among our officially supported Linux distros so it was not being tested.

We have filed two bugs to fix the issue, and are scheduled to be release with the next version of Nsight Systems (probably in the late August time frame).

If we figure out a work around for the issue, we will post it here.