Communication of Jetson Xavier and Raspberry pi 4

Hi I have a project and I am making a GUI using Raspberry pi 4 and I want to communicate with Jetson Xavier but I don’t know any way that how can I communicate between them. Basically I want my Python codes to communicate with Xavier using ROS so is there any way that I can send my commands from Raspberry pi4 to Jetson Xavier

What kind of command.
Did you try ssh?

If you mean having the PI subscribe and publish to and from ROS on the Jetson, you can connect them over Ethernet and have ROS communicate over that.

Read this tutorial: ROS/Tutorials/MultipleMachines - ROS Wiki

Basically I am working on Path planning of the car and I want to run my GUI and Global path planning code on Raspberry Pi and my other codes which are on Jetson Xavier will be taking input from these codes so I want to know that do I need ROS to setup communication between Raspberry Pi and Jetson Xavier or there is any other way like rosserial. And another thing that do i need to install Ubuntu to have ROS on my Raspberry Pi?

From your link looks like it’s communicate by network suppose it should none platform dependent.

Correct, it is not platform-dependent. I have used this method to communicate between PI’s and Jetsons, Jetsons and PCs, and PC to PC.

One thing that I am confused that I have connected my Raspberry Pi and Jetson Xavier over ethernet now I have ROS in my jetson xavier, do i now need ROS on my Raspberry Pi too? because I am finding it very different to install ROS on raspberry pi

From your sharing link suppose both machine need install ROS for communication.
Sorry I don’t have any experience for this didn’t help on you much.

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