Communication xavier with kuka robot

I want communication a Jetson Xavier (Linux) with a Robot KUKA, but I need to know what is the best protocol communication for do this?
have Anyone ever done this ?

I have no idea about that particular hardware, but basically you’d need the manual from that robot to find out what methods it supports. You’d also need to be aware of how much data is needed, e.g., sending commands does not take much bandwidth, but if it is transferring a video feed, then it might need something with far more bandwidth than the simpler hardware I/O allows.

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In the robot I have industrial communications protocols, how profinet, ethercat e ethernet/IP. I don’t know what protocol is compatived with Linux. I want communicating booleana bits from the Kuka(robot) system, in the total I want communicate 256 bits.

256 bits is tiny, so any method of sending would work for anything. Ethernet in general is just standard Linux ethernet, and so anything mentioned as working for Linux should work for this. I have not used EtherCAT, but I will guess that there is a kernel module you could install to also make this possible (I don’t know which module, and there might be other user space software to install, and both would need to be available either as source for you to compile, or for arm64/aarch64 architecture binary format.

Other methods, such as SPI, I2C, serial UART, so on, could also work, but might require other setup. Basically you will need to see what general Linux support there is for the method you choose, and then add that to the Jetson (restricted to aarch64/arm64 architecture in every case where this is supplied in binary format).

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