Compare Quadro K4100M vs GeForce GTX 980M for CUDA performance


I’d like to know which GPU would give better performance for CUDA application on Mobile ?

What is the most recommended mobile GPU series for CUDA applications.


Have not worked with the Quadro but the GTX980m is awesome. Get about 3.4 teraflops and in general performs at about 75% of the GTX 980 desktop for 32 bit compute and about 65-70% of global memory bandwidth.

Highly recommend, in particular in a gaming laptop.

I did not work with GeForce GTX 980M so I can not talk about the performance of GeForce GTX 980M but I use the Quadro K4100M is the best laptop for the gaming purpose and also gave the best performance.

Mobile Pascal parts (10x0) nowadays use the same silicon as their desktop counterparts. So performance does compare favorably.

These cards might however run into thermal throttling more quickly (depending on how good the laptop’s cooling solution is) and the VBIOS does not usually allow for adjusting the card’s TDP via nvidia-smi -pl

I have a laptop with a GTX 1060 and 6GB VRAM and I love it.