Compatibility of Dynamixel servo motors with Isaac SDK on a Jetson Nano

I’m new to Isaac SDK, and I’m trying to build a Kaya platform of my own. But, I realized that the Dynamixel servo motor used in the Kaya, namely MX-12W, is not available (or very rarely is) in my region (Bangalore, India). So, I sought out to find other alternatives for the servo motor.
But, after sweeping the floor with most forums, I stumbled upon an issue faced by @stephen-street (Hey Stephen!). The link to the question is here: Source code for isaac.KayaBaseDriver

So, will there be similar compatibility issues with Isaac SDK on a Jetson Nano, if I use other servo motors? In other words, it would be really helpful if you could suggest to me some servos that would not give rise to such issues.
Since I’m very new to this, any help on the topic would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Dhanush J A

Hi @dhanushja3 ,

This forum is mainly about the Isaac Gym RL system. For help with Isaac SDK, you should ask here:

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