Compatibility of GPU


I am building a new workstation to run omniverse isaac sim and isaac SDK, so I wonder about the compatibility of GPU.

I am trying to purchase RTX 3090, but RTX 30xx is only supported with CUDA11 or higher.

I’ve also watched some comments from other users which say that Isaac SDK is not working on CUDA11.

I wonder if the RTX3090 works for Isaac Sim and SDK without any problems.

Thank you !

RTX3090 is built with the powerful Ampere architecture, and Ampere is only supported by CUDA 11 or higher. Isaac Sim will be able to take full advantage of this GPU. However, Isaac SDK is built against CUDA 10.2 which is the version supported on Jetson and JetPack 4.5.1, so many of its CUDA kernels in the SDK are not precompiled for CUDA 11+, nor are they forwards compatible to the Ampere architecture. You can still develop Isaac SDK-based applications on an RTX3090, but DNN inference and an number of the built-in packages will not work unfortunately. There were fixes for this included in Isaac SDK 2021.1 but your mileage may vary.

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