Compatibility of massflash packages of Orin nano 4GB and 8GB

SW: JP5.1.1
HW: Orin nano 8GB/4GB + custom carrier
I made a massflash pacakge basd on Orin nano 8GB, and it works to flash Orin nano 8GB. But when I use the package to flash Orin nano 4GB, it failed with belowed message:

ERROR: might be timeout in USB write.
Error: Return value 3

So, is the kind of phenomenon normal?

Previously, I made a massflash package based on AGX Orin 32GB module, the package can flash AGX Orin 64G module successfully.
I am confused about this.

As you have filed nvbug already, let’s close this topic here.

Sorry, I will notice later.

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