Compatibility of shared libraries between Jetson Orin and aarch64 sbsa

The CUDA toolkits for cross compiling Jetson and the SBSA one for ARM64 servers with Nvidia GPUs seem to come from different links (cuda-repo-cross-aarch64-ubuntu2004-12-0 vs (cuda-repo-cross-sbsa-ubuntu2004-12-0).

How different are they? If I distribute a binary shared library built (with static CUDA runtime) against the SBSA version will it work on Jetson? vice-versa? Basically do I need to distribute two aarch64-cuda-linux targets with my library or just one?


aarch64 and sbsa are different system.

Jetson is an aarch64 system.
SBSA is “Server Base System Architecture”, a CPU server without iGPU.


I do see that some packages name both:

Local Installer for RedHat/Centos 8.1 aarch64sbsa (RPM)

does this mean that the binaries are compatible for both systems?

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