Compatible transceiver with ORIN

Would it be possible to connect an MCP2515 Can module to the can pins of the orin?

It could be possible. Customer should handle that.

however, i am the customer, my main issue is that the module itself is an SPI to CAN controller, wouldn’t that override the CAN controller on the dev kit? or should i connect the rx and tx to the HL of the module?

AGX Orin already has two CAN controllers - you only need transceivers.

Your SPI-CAN Controller would give you a third one that is totally independent of the build-in modules. Your SPI-CAN board, however, lacks a third contact on the screw terminals. The vendor decided only to use a two-pole terminal for CAN_H and CAN_L. CAN also requires a GND connection in order to maintain the common range specification.

BTW: MCP2515 is not recommended for new designs by Microchip. You are supposed to use the newer MCP2518FD.

hello,I would like to know how to use mcp2518fd on orin. What is the specific operation? Would you please tell me the detailed steps,thank you.

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