compilation completed with severe errors


I am trying to build an app by running a make command which calls bunch of fortran and c programs to get compiled. while the build process is going on i have a log file which is putting all the output of the build in that file. so after it gets completed with the build i go back to the log file and see for any errors and i notice the following line below as an error.

Now i am not sure what to make out this error message so if anyone can help me out here i would appreicate it.

PGF90/any LINUX86/any 4.1-2: compilation completed with severe errors


Hi ptalwar,

This message indicates that your compilation did not succeed due to severe errors. The exact errors should be listed in the lines just above this one and should give more detail about what went wrong. Can you post your compilation line and the errors? This should help in determining the problem.