compilation incompatibility

I use CUDA1.1 x64 under Windows2003 Server x64 and I got one strange error: if I build my project in MVS2005 and then run exe file evrything is ok, and if I use -run option from command line compilation evrything still works fine, but if I build my project from command line using -o -c options and then try execute it I get such error:

The program or feature **** cannot run or start due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of windows...

Is there any new compiler option for x64 compilation under windows (I didn’t found it into nvcc 1.1 documentation)?

Windows2003 Server is not currently supported with CUDA. Does this problem persist with WindowsXP?

Actually I haven’t ability check it on WindowsXP X64. It would be great if someone check it, but I suppose that result will be the same due to “same” windows kernels.

But anyway is there any new compiler options for x64 windows compilation?