Compilation issue with -deviceEMU

I just upgraded to CUDA 2.2, and before I was using the 2.0 beta and didn’t have this issue. My code compiles fine under the Debug or Release configurations in Visual Studio. However, when I go into “emuDebug” mode or “emuRelease” mode, I get 42 compilation errors, each stating:

Error 12 error: support for exception handling is disabled C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\INCLUDE\xlocale 1340

They are all the same error, just in different files. The files include: xlocale, xiosbase, xdebug, xstring, xmemory, xlocknum, ostream, and istream.

I’m using Windows XP with a GTX 280. Any ideas?


I fixed this issue, by removing


using namespace std;[/codebox]

and by replacing all my cout’s with printf’s. I don’t really know why, but CUDA was having issues with C++ in my host code.


yep, 2.2 disabled C++ support for deviceemu and then 2.3 fixes it.