Compilation speed of different compiler versions.

PGF90 ver. 10.06-0 takes ~100 times longer to compile my code than ver 10.1-1.

Is this a problem with 10.6, i.e. if we go to 10.8 will we still have to endure very long compilation times?

This may be due to the Fermi libraries of course, i.e. nothing to do with Portland code.

Let me know, as it will affect our upgrade strategy…



Hi Rob,

I’m not aware of any reports about very long compile times with 10.6. Can you please send PGI Customer Service ( an example code which exhibits the behavior?


Code sent to PGI Technical support showing 10 times slower compile time for 10.9-0 compared with 10.2-1.

PGI created TPR 17294 to address.

Solution provided by PGI:



to your compile line, and things should speed up considerably. The ptxas assembler is much much faster in the 3.1 toolkit."