compilation stucks emulation compiles&run well, without emulation compilation never e

I have bit problem with compiling my cuda project on GPU.
While working in emulation mode, I can run everything without any problem, but as i move myself to ‘real’ mode and try to invoke Makefile it has strange behavior.

It starts to compile normally(some warnings appears:) ), but after while it stops and never ends( i was waiting for 10 min, usually it compiles within few seconds)

I’d like to notice, that I was able to compile&run the same project in previous versions with same source files and Makefile. i’ve just done some changes in existing code(and write some new, but still into the same files), so there shouldnt be any mistake in Makefile.

Also like to notice i have no recursion in there which was my first explanation of why it can happen.

Does anyone in here some clue to my problem? Thanks for all hints!

P.S.: I’m using version 2.2 and building for architecture 1.1 and upper because of atomic op