Compile and Flashing MPTCP Kernel to Jetson TX2

Hi Community,

I am a newbie in Jetson TX2
I just purchased Jetson TX2 developer Kit a couple of days ago.
Recently, I am working on a project which requires me to use the MPTCP kernel (
Now, I wonder that if it is possible to flash this MPTCP kernel to the Jetson TX2.
I can compile the MPTCP kernel for arm architecture,
but I don’t know whether it is possible to use this kernel on my device.

Any response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

I have never looked to see what is actually occurring, but this URL says there is direct support for Debian-based systems here:
…however, it says:

<b>Note: only x86_64 packages are available.</b>

So maybe it is possible to build everything from source (and I am talking about what seems to be far more than just a kernel module). It isn’t unusual for a driver of this type to have some sort of architecture-dependent code, and although possibly it is just a recompile, chances are it won’t be “easy”.

Something to consider is that on a desktop PC it is likely more than one driver can service part of a network simultaneously to other drivers. On the TX2 only CPU0 can service hardware IRQs, and so I have doubts about performance even if you do get multiple networks running at the same time and behaving as a single interface. Failover for a redundant system would not be a problem, but adding several interfaces for the purpose of performance may not be a significant performance gain.

Hi Linuxdev,

Thank you for your response.
As you said, it may be too messy to build this kernel for the Jetson TX2.
Now, I am looking for another way for the project.


Hi dart_cly:

did you find another way for the project?

I also encountered similar problems, please give me some suggestions