Compile CALMM5


I’m trying to compile the CALMM5 code ( with PGI 10.5 on a Linux cluster (centos, 64-bit) for the air quality modeling.

After I refered the post (, I think, the compiling might be well done.

compile: “pgf90 calmm5.f -L${NETCDF}/lib -lnetcdf -lnetcdff -lm -I${NETCDF}/include -Mpreprocess -o calmm5.exe”

The clamm5 executable is made.

But when I run the calmm5.exe, it make “segmentation fault”.

How to solve the problem?
Thank you…

Hi Happyez,

You’ll need to debug the program or contact the authors. To debug, compile with the “-g” flag and then run the code through the PGI Debugger, PGDBG. If you have never used a debugger before, you can find the full documentation for PGDBG at

  • Mat