Compile CUDA under windows Vista x64 Compile error

Hi, every one!
I have purchased a new laptop few day ago! That’s F8SG, using Geforce 9300M G graphics card! Every thing is OK and I believe that it can run CUDA!

I'm using Windows Vista x64 and VS 2008 now! When I try to compile a project named "template" in "projects" folder, an error was generated :
"fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file '.\Release\template.obj'

I have checked in Release folder, only one obj file of template_gold.cpp existed!

Please help me T_T!

(I'm using CUDA 2.0 beta, compiled in release and x64 mode)

Visual studio 2008 is not supported. You need to use visual studio 2005.

  • Ok, I see! But I still wonder what is the different between VS 2005 and VS 2008 ???!

  • Switch to VS 2005 is really a problem with me T_T! I hope the next version will support VS 2008!

  • But I really,really want to try CUDA right now! Is the VS 2005 Express OK :lol: ?!

VS 2008 will be supported after 2.0 is out, so I think you have to wait until later this year for that to happen. There is a post by netlama stating this, you just have to use the search function (or search by google)

  • Thank every one! I have decided to develop my project without CUDA at this time! And wait for the next version ^_^!