Compile Custom Quickboot for QNX Recovery

As per the DRIVE docs (quickboot customization part) I should be able to easily configure and recompile Quickboot for custom code and boot sequences.

I need to boot from a different partition for OTA updates.

The problems are:

  1. I can’t recompile QB, after following the steps I get a
    “The system is not configured for any board!
    No “.config*” files found!
    make: *** [depend] Error 1”

  2. I don’t know where QB grabs it’s “KERNEL_PRIMARY_PARTITION” partition info from, I don’t know how to set (from user space QNX) the booted partition to be a different one, dynamically at runtime.

Hi JohnBogdan,

QNX is supported on DRIVE Platform. For that you should work with the NVIDIA representative (either Solution Architect or Account Manager) for further details.


Sure, thanks a lot!