Compile in c99 mode with Nsight

How can I setup Nsight to make this possible? I know I can use -std=c99 with nvcc but I’m not able to use this with Nsight.
Does anyone have a suggestion?

Are you talking about nsight eclipse edition or nsight visual studio edition?

I’m talking about Nsight Eclipse Edition, the one that comes bundled with CUDA 7.

How exactly are you doing that? It’s not a defined nvcc option. If I pass -std=c99 to an nvcc command line, I get an error. Are you referring to prefacing this with -Xcompiler ? (I’m not sure this makes sense either. nvcc hands the host code off to the host compiler requesting c++ compilation/linkage).

I expressed myself uncorrectly. It’s not that I do it, I know it can be done because I read it the other day. Correct me if I’m wrong. But that way or another, is there a method to compile c99 code with Nsight Eclipse Edition?

c99 code should be mostly compatible with c++

I suspect most examples of c99 code would compile just fine with nvcc as-is, including nsight EE

If you require c linkage instead of c++ linkage, there are ways to do that, and they are not specific to CUDA. The ordinary method of intermixing c and c++ linkage will work fine with CUDA (e.g. extern “C” …)