compile Issac Sim with UnrealEngine 4.21.2

Hi, I would like to compile Isaac Sim with UnrealEngine 4.21.2 as I wanted to use my own levels which were created under UE4 4.21.2 and couldn’t be opened with UE4 4.20.3. I have ran into many problems when compiling the Isaac Sim with UE4 4.21.2. Could you please give me some general instructions about how compile Isaac Sim with a new version of UE4? Thank you very much.

Hi xmaster,

Unfortunately we haven’t tested IsaacSim with UE4 4.21.X.
I dont think there is general instruction for this.
It might be easier to bring your levels into UE4.20.3


Hi Liila,

Thank you for the information.
Unfortunately, my levels are created using UE4 4.21.2 and can’t be opened with UE4 4.20.3. UE4 doesn’t support backward compatibility.