compile nvcc with c in nsight ( c99 mode?)

Hello ,
I am having some c files and because I want to create another cu file ,I am trying to make them run in nsight.

At the moment I build the project (CUDA project , nvcc) the c files are full of errors.

I have also some header files , in which I added:

#ifdef __cplusplus
#ifndef __CDT_PARSER__
	extern "C" {

and some errors were removed.

But I am still having errors like:

incompatible types when assigning to type ‘mycplx’ from type ‘double’
A[ I * Cols + J ] = ( cos( ( PI * m * ( y - y_0 ) ) / inLy ) );

where mycplx is defined in a header:

typedef fftwf_complex mycplx;

When I was running code in c everything was ok ( using -std=c99) .

I haven’t found a way to declare nvcc to use c99 .