Compiled list of Jetson compatible IDEs (no cross compile)

I’ve been searching the forums for quite some time looking for IDE options for developing on board the Jetson Nano and NX; and I’ve come across a few threads that discuss running certain IDEs within the jetson ubuntu environment and I thought it might be helpful to create a thread where we can share exactly what IDEs we have working all in one thread.

Here are the few I’ve had success with:

  • Vim/Emacs (The best so far but a bit of a hassle if you’re a younger programmer such as myself but with a little extra effort I’ve found them to be the strongest choices so far.)
  • VSCode (What are your thoughts about C/C++, CUDA development with VSCode?)
  • Geany (Easy and robust for small projects, supports lots of languages but I’m finding difficulty with using it on larger existing code)

IDEs that are problematic or not working at all:

  • Code::Blocks (installed easily but I was encountering frequent crashing)
  • Eclipse (many threads about this one and from what I understand, it doesn’t run on the Jetson. Only works for cross compiling. Am I wrong?)

Please share what IDEs your using, how you feel they run on the Jetson and what steps you had to go through to get them working! I’m hoping this thread can contain a helpful list of IDEs for developing on the Jetson itself. Thanks!

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