compiler message: Conflict or overlap between va and vb


i have turned on the -Minfo=all flag and the compiler gives me some messages like:

L1129, Conflict or overlap between drhodq and dkr

i do not have any clue, what this message means and I could not find any information on the web or elsewhere.

Can anyone tell me the meaning of this message so that I know what kind of error to search for ?


Hi jockel,

The message seems to suggest that these variables are pointers and the compiler has detected a potential conflict between them which is preventing an optimisation. Though, if you could provide more information such as the surrounding Minfo messages, an example code snip-it, as well as how drhodq and dkr are declared, that would be appreciated.

  • Mat

Hi Mat,

indeed, these variables have been unnecessesarily defined as pointers, but only used as allocatable arrays. I don’t know why this was done. It always seemed to work fine. Now, I defined them as allocatable arrays and the message disappeared.