Compiler Mismatch: Proposed Fix

Most Linux installs will give a compiler mismatch warning. Most of the time, the driver module will install correctly anyway.

Mine (Debian) will have two version of gcc installed:
One is gcc-4.7, which the package gcc will depend on, and make a nice link to.
The other is gcc-4.6, which the linux-headers package necessary to compile the kernel module will depend on.
NVidia’s installer will find the ‘gcc’ executable, which links to gcc-4.7, and give a warning about gcc version mismatch.

It wouldn’t be hard to write a check for the right version of gcc into the install script, and configure the module build to use it.

Legal stuff: anyone is free to use this for anything.

I think it is already implemented in installer.

Run installer with “-A” option
$ sh ./ -A

and see “–no-cc-version-check” entry.