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I am having trouble compiling. It appears to be a problem finding the object files. My program came with these default compiler options to run with the pgif90, however I think this is for earlier versions of the compiler:
-c -Mlist -fast -module $path_module

Can someone please give me any suggestion to change these options for the latest pgif90 release.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Barells,

“-module” still works but is used to locate modules, not objects. Can you please post an example compilation line and the error message you’re getting?

Note that “$path_module” isn’t a compiler option. It’s most likely a script variable and should resolve to the directory containing the program’s module (.mod) files.

  • Mat

thanks for the reply.

I’m aware that $path_m is the actual module directory.

I guess I need to tell it where to place the object files.

This is the error message I get from the program:

ad3 : processing w3servmd
*** compile error ***
file w3servmd.o not found
mv: cannot stat `w3servmd.o’: No such file or directory
make: *** [/home/barells/ww3/obj/w3servmd.o] Error 5

Looks like your script is hiding the compilation output and just printing “*** compile error ***”. Are there any logs or other means to find out the compile line used and what the error is?

  • Mat