Compiler Product Part Numbers

I am attempting to purchase a Fortran Compiler for use with LS-DYNA from LSTC.
My system is the following:
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.0
AMD Opteron Processor (dual processor)

The vendors readme file indicates “pgi5.2.4 AMD/Opteron SuSE 8.1”
I can not find any data on this part number.

Has the compiler part number system changed or am I looking in the wrong location?

Joe W.

Hi Joe,

I think LSTC part number means you need to use the 5.2-4 release of the PGI compilers on an Opteron system running SuSE 8.1. Our latest release is 6.0-8 and the next release, 6.1, should be out next week. I do believe LS-DYNA does have a version which supports the PGI 6.0-8 release but 5.2-4 is still available. Older releases can be found in our download archive page.

If you are not currently a customer, you would need to purchase the latest release of the compiler. However, your license is valid for all previous releases so you can use 5.2-4 if needed. For more information, please contact

Hope this helps,