Compiling a CUDA-C code to run on solely on Intel's CPU

Dear forum members,

I have just downloaded PGI for a trial period and would like to compile
a CUDA-C code that runs just fine on Intel+NVIDIA hardware to run solely on the Intel processor.

I have a text list of the required files for compilation but I don’t know what
PGI command to use and which libraries to include for compiling the CUDA code to run solely on the i7-4700MQ Intel CPU without the NVIDIA card.

Can you help ?

Many thanks and happy new year,


Hi Nir,

From your second post, it appears that you found the “-Mcudax86” flag which targets CUDA C to x86. Note that CUDAx86 only uses CUDA 3.0 features so may be missing some capabilities that you’re used to.

  • Mat