Compiling and flashing rt-aux-cpu-demo

the Nvidia documentation (Jetson Sensor Processing Engine (SPE) Developer Guide: Compiling and Flashing*)
mentions I can do make bin_t19x. , make Docs, etc…
I am using the Makefile located in the rt-aux-cpu-demo directory, and I am getting for example “no rule to make target bin_t19x” ( same for Docs etc…)

Where are the "good Makefile located?

I found (for the Docs) it should be “make documents” and not “make Docs”
However for the platform …the Makefile does not seem to include any label: for the target:

Hi @philippe12, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

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Oh i did not know. I am using jetson xavier nx

No worries, we do have quite a big number of categories.

Move is done.



what L4T version did you use?
I just verified on r35.3.1, and I can successfully build with make bin_t19x and make bin_t23x.

They are properly placed inside Makefile:

ALL_BUILD_TARGETS := bin_t19x bin_t23x docs

Also, did you use the right compiling toolchain?

Thank you.
My tool chain is correct, but I am using the kernel_src_Xavier-NX-TX2_R32.6.1.tbz2


Where did you get this file from? Is is from NVIDIA’s website?

I think you should use this one for compiling SPE binaries:
Please also check the correct document:
(Sounds like you are working with r32.6.1, but the link to the document you posted is for r35.1)

Thank you! I could now match the Documentation and the SPE files …

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