Compiling and running CUDA Code - Beginnners Question.

So thankfully I got the SDK samples working. Tested out a few of them in the terminal and them work.

Now it’s on to coding. I want to use the Template to work from. So I’ll make a copy in a seperate folder in case I muck it up.

I wanted to know a couple of things.

If I do edit and save cuda code (, will I have to do the “make” in terminal again? or can I simple just go to the relevant folder:

[u][b]cd NVIDIA_GPU_computing_SDK/C/bin/linux/release

[/b][/u]and then run the template sdk:


Very basic questions I know, but just want to clarify as I’m new to CUDA and Ubuntu.


I just decided to move all the examples, leave template only and work from that. It’s much quicker than having to make all the projects everytime i adjust one tiny part of the code.