Compiling code for Jetson TK1

I am compiling an application using the gcc arm cross compiler(arm-eabi-g++). I want to execute the code on the jetson tk1 target. When I copy the executable and run it on the target. I get an error saying -bash: ./Proj: No such file or directory

Should I include any extra conditions while building, inorder to run it on the target?

Can anyone suggest any other cross compiler that works?

You need to use a Linux cross-compiler (something like arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++). arm-eabi-g++ might be a “bare metal” compiler, i.e. compiling code for the actual hardware and not for any particular OS.

When cross compiling, you need to have all the target (ARMv7) dependencies on your host environment (C library etc.) and you need to explicitly link your code against those.

So, it’s not easy to start with cross compiling and typically it’s much more easy to compile your application directly on the Jetson.