Compiling cu kernel code on Jetson Cude


I need a humble assistance in compiling cuda.
it seems I need compile *.cu code and if I try to use its object file
I end up with a need to compile alot more functions.

do you have any idea to resolve it correctly?

Best Regards

Hi there @AlfredGames !

I hope you don’t mind if I move your topic into the CUDA category.

To make it easier for people to help you, could you please add a few more details? For example:

  • On what platform are you working exactly? (You mention Jetson, which one, which version of Jetpack are you using?)
  • For what purpose do you need to compile CUDA? That is, what is your use-case?
  • What OS and CUDA driver version are you using on your host platform?

Thank you!