Compiling CUDA on Visual studio 2010

Hi everybody;
I am working on a 64 bit windows 7 machine and installed Visual studio 2010 and CUDA. I have tested the
CUDA SDK samples, it is fine. But when i am compiling CUDA programs using v100 platform and CUDA 3.2 it goves me error that v100
platform is not supported by CUDAv3.2 and asked me to use v90 platform. When i used v90 as platform it throws an error that it requires VS 2008
to compile.
what i supposed to do? should i install Visual studio 2008 even if i have VS2010? or use only VS2008? Can VS2008 professional can compile for 64 bit
machine applications. or How can i download and install V90 platform ? please suggest what to do, since i am new to CUDA. Thanks.

Yes. The SDK requires the VS 2008 v90 C++ compiler. The simplest way to get this working is to install VS 2008. Another alternative is to install the Windows 6.1 SDK and target the v90 compiler that comes with that.

You might also find the following useful. It shows you how to create a solution with two projects; a v100 targetted one for the latest VC++ features and a v90 one for CUDA.

Using CUDA and Thrust with Visual Studio 2010


The 4.0 (RC) integrates much more easily with VS2010. You may want to try it. Otherwise you can compile using the v100, it however requires to patch several files, and create wrappers around nvcc. Have a look at this topic if you feel adventurous (looks convoluted, but works)

Be careful when installing VS2008. Even if you select “Full”, it will not include 64 bit compiler by default. You will have to select “custom” and select those options from there.